Here are some writing prompts for when you are bored or just are in the writing mood:

Remember that poems can be about anything, there are no rules for poems nor short stories. Poems tell their own stories, you just have to put the details in

  1. Write about a time that you can remember vividly
  2. Write about a time where you are the happiest
  3. Write about a dream you vividly remember
  4. Write about a time with your best friend or with your favorite pet
  5. Write about a time that really hurt you
  6. Write a short story about someone that you admire or hate
  7. Write about how grateful you are
  8. Write about a horror story
  9. Make up a horror story
  10. Make up a love story

Here are some ideas to write a poem about:

  1. Write about your love for someone
  2. Write about what a song makes you feel
  3. write about the way someone makes you feel

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